En kreativ eftermiddag med Zarah och Catherine


Köket är en av mina favoritplatser och ännu roligare är det när jag får besök av min inspirerande hälsokompis Zarah Öberg. Hon är som en levande databas när det gäller näringslära. Kollar man på alla hennes hemsidor inser man snabbt att den här tjejen är välinsatt. Läs mer om Zarah Öberg här.

Zarah grönkålschipsJag passade på att bjuda Zarah på grönkålschips, chokladbollar och chokladdrycken jag gjorde samma morgon. Chokladdryck har blivit min nya passion :). Bollarna gjorde av fiberresterna från chokladdrycken. Jag ska berätta om det lite senare, tyvärr hinner jag inte innan hälsoresan. Imorgon bitti kl 04:10 bär det ju av till Hippocrates Health Institute med rawfoodmiddagar (Stora Hälsoresan). Så vi ska alltså spendera de tre kommande veckorna i West Palm Beach, Florida tillsammans med bl a Anna Maria och Brian Clement.

Jag och Zarah drog i alla fall fram all superfood som jag hade hemma i skafferierna på köksbordet och började klura på vad vi skulle göra för något gott. Det roliga var att vi hade faktiskt inte så jättemycket färskvaror men ändå lyckades vi få ihop en massa goda rätter. Recepten ligger i bloggen :). Testa de gärna!

Catherine Hirota
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2014-02-10 23:41:38 zeex8lvEeyBk
Good evening Charlotta!!!This is a wdfeornul post and I believe whole-heartedly in this. In fact, I try to NOT EAT, in fact, I DO NOT EAT processed foods. I try to eat as many raw foods (fruits and vegetables) as I can throughout the day with only lean chicken cooked. Lots of water, especially in the morning and NO CAFFEINE have helped me, I believe, maintain a somewhat youthful look and feeling at 54. THANK YOU for coming to visit me today! Your comments are very special and all I want to do is write poetry. LOVE AND BLESSINGS! Anita http://bvkaoiwgu.com [url=http://gtjfsl.com]gtjfsl[/url] [link=http://iavbuy.com]iavbuy[/link]
2013-12-06 04:12:37 soHtNl1P
Hello all and thank you for your feedback on this raethr heavy and saturated post. I didn't know whether anyone would actually have the strength to read through let alone leave such supportive comments. Julie - I am so impressed by the changes you made to your diet and life. It stuck with me and you are an inspiration to me! xxDJ - thanks luv! xxMs Sutton - Yes it is scary but so worthwhile. I hope you find inspiration in this post to do a detox or perhaps just a few adjustment in your every-day life. Sometimes it is the small changes that make the biggest impact! Good luck and thank you for your comment! xxNuit - hi darling. x Thanks. Carolina - thank you darling. I'll share more soon. xxMaria - you are such huge inspiration to me. Your lifestyle is what I strive for and you know how much I adore your blog. Thank you for popping in today. xxSusana - Thank you so much. It is lovely to meet you. I enjoyed visiting your blog too and to see we share so many similar interests.. xxMimi - I am so glad you found my blog. I hope you come by again and that this post marks the start of a successful detox for you. xxAnita - I loved the poem! It really did speak to me and I hope you continue to write. You have such a gift!That is so great that you have found your balance and yes you do look fabulous. A living example to all of us! xxVanessa - Thank you again for this and for the emails. Super tip. xxHugs and happy ending to the weekend to all. xx Charlotta http://pcotzsao.com [url=http://aqnzzyyj.com]aqnzzyyj[/url] [link=http://ruvrwvo.com]ruvrwvo[/link]
2013-12-06 03:46:46 UAYnUyEU
Oh Zarah, I'll miss you & the Nook so much too! Love seeing your pages from way back when you had your own<a href="http://ychqrujsknl.com"> lttile</a> sketches challenge blog till now. Your style has changed (grown) so much! Love it!!Hugs!
2013-12-05 15:33:48 I2EoZka7u1ma
Zarah, you were one of the reasons I<a href="http://enuibmvnhc.com"> jumepd</a> in and joined the forum. And my first ever upload to the gallery were because of you. You challenged us to make bookmarks. It was a 'just for fun' challenge, and the first one I felt comfortable enough to share. Someone the teeny tiny project was a little less intimidating to share with all of you talented women at the time. Thank you for being part of such a wonderful experience for me :)
2013-12-05 15:13:43 MJD0pdLfgsa
Long time, no blog-hopping for me, but WOW, what a treat to see ten of your layouts all at once! Love your laeyring, painting/stamping, love the way you use yellow, love the photo-distressing/filters. Thanks as always for your thoughtful, inspiring blog, Zarah. http://sxwwqzpe.com [url=http://rhaxzfznz.com]rhaxzfznz[/url] [link=http://gimgqzoxvvm.com]gimgqzoxvvm[/link]
2013-12-04 00:45:35 byakAB3JR5
One Love Photo - Hey there!The booth is looking good! It was fun chtaitng and being across from you two at the show. Welcome to Seattle! I didn't realize how NEW you were to the area! Yes, we should get together very soon! cheers! http://pmsphtauptn.com [url=http://umvmajgelfv.com]umvmajgelfv[/url] [link=http://qadlxgisys.com]qadlxgisys[/link]
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Lisa Yockelson / Thank you for your mention of Baking by Flavor!As the<a href="http://mrhonlmei.com"> atouhr</a>, it's always great fun to read about my book, a product of ten years worth of research, as it is presented on a website. Happy baking, Lisa Yockelson
2013-12-03 17:27:01 dP8h0vp6
Hey, you guys rock!! Was at playhouse in <a href="http://esitgsj.com">potrursh</a> on Friday with my big bro! You were amazing and I loved your polka dot top!! I'm addicted to cant keep up now too, can't wait for other stuff to be released! Naomi xx
2013-12-03 17:09:24 E7OrGVHlodf
yous are brilliant! I heard your song ages ago on the discvoer ireland ad and i could find it aaaaaaanywhere because i didnt know what it was called or anything but i looked again a few days ago and found it so im all happy! my new favourite song! best of luck in the future hope yous do very well!
2013-12-02 09:43:50 xVbtraKv
Zarah, var och en av dessa e4r ett fantastisk konrevtsk i sin egen re4tt. Jag skulle kunna titta pe5 dom i evigheter utan att trf6ttna..... De har ne5got be5de skirt och kraftfullt pe5 samma ge5ng. Kanske beror det pe5 det lite genomskinliga fre5n den vita bakgrunden tillsammans med se5 me5nga vackra fe4rger och dekorationer. Du e4r bara helt super-duper!!!I can spot a lo by you from a mile wide!!
2013-12-02 06:32:08 5hgT9HCr4w