Gratis seminarium med Sören Wolff

Sören WolffPassa på att ta del av Sörens stora kunskaper inom näring, träning och helhetshälsa. Sören Wolff har studerat näring med utgångspunkt i Funktionell Medicin och är utbildad kroppsterapeut inom Body Self Development System.

Sören är även en entusiastisk “fritidsatlet” och är mycket bevandrad inom träning och s.k. “cross-fitness”. De senaste åren har Sören ägnat åt att utveckla proteinpulvret Plantforce.

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Gratis Webinar med Sören Wolff 
Tisdagen den 14 januari kl 20 - 21

“The principles of nature - macro-nutrient balance”

To better understand the meaning of “being healthy”, a great way to think about it is this: Nature has designed a number of “principles” and under those principles are “sub-principles”.
You can’t avoid principles – one being sleep, another one being physical activity e.g. - but it’s up to you how you chose to manage them. You can easily devoid yourself of sleep but sooner or later, you’ll feel tired. You can keep physical activity to a minimum but you won’t get the health benefits of building strength, endurance, power, better body control etc. Another principle in nature is the area of nutrition.

First of all, you have to eat. How you manage it is again totally up to you. A sub-principle within nutrition is “meal-frequency and volume”, another one is “food quality”. However, the topic of the seminar is to look at one of the most critical sub-principles within the area of nutrition: Macro-nutrient balance. Macro-nutrients are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The balance between these are important. For example should you eat “low fat-high carb”? The amount is also critical and both too much and too little can be beneficial depending on the situation. The source is critical too (fat from sunflower seed oil versus olive oil) and so is the quality (organic versus non-organic).

This webinar will talk about macro-nutrient balance and will furthermore address protein supplementation. Supplementing protein can be extremely useful for some but it can also pose a health-risk to others. We will address potential benefits and downsides, protein sources (hemp, pea, rice, soy, whey etc.) and the quality of these. Also how many vegetarians – in direct relation to the macronutrient balance – can potentially benefit from proper supplementation both in exercise, transition phases (normal diet to more healthy diet) etc.

This webinar is arranged by Rawfoodmiddagar and hosted by Third Wave Nutrition.

Catherine Hirota