Tack för en riktigt lyckad Afterwork i Stockholm!

Tack alla ni som kom och gjorde onsdagkvällen så lyckad! Tack Ecobaren / Centralbadet för den goda maten och fina miljön! Hela uteserveringen var fullsatt. Vi var många som satt på Ecobarens härliga uteservering och njöt av värmen, sällskapet, drinkarna och maten. För att vinna utlottningen gällde det att visa framfötterna, först till kvarn vann böckerna - ett stort grattis till alla vinnarna!

Vi ser fram emot att träffa er på fler Afterworks framöver!

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Mikael, Anna-Karin och Catherine


Catherine Hirota
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2014-02-11 00:21:34 dJnjoVCb
Erik- thanks man. I alayws feel like dinos have as much personality as any human.Zane- HELL YES IT WAS. 10/10.Megan- Thanks! Are you doing anything for SD?Denver- Awesome! Dax's design made me laugh when I was first creating him, and I had a blast drawing him. Courtney- Thanks! Definitely more to come! http://koevkkfmyiu.com [url=http://lcwctaxpbn.com]lcwctaxpbn[/url] [link=http://bmrjdyia.com]bmrjdyia[/link]
2013-12-07 00:05:13 F2hs5FgigiEj
Heidi- grazie! I can <a href="http://exsapw.com">haldry</a> believe I started this comic on Justin's old work computer. He helped me a lot with the staging, I just wish I could see his reaction to the finished piece.Zane- thanks man! Say, I need a noun for the Chades Challenge. Any ideas?Rad- merci, dude. Your work is inspiring!
2013-12-06 18:05:14 YzLbOVPXoaK
Garrett- Not only did they most likely stink, but due to their seaertrd teeth, scientists believe meat would get caught in their jaws and start rotting. This would give them a poisonous bite much like a komodo dragon.Doug- Yeah, tyrannosaurs are not known for their hospitality!Jared and Courtney- Awesome, a lion pride is exactly the feeling I was going for! http://stlfsybny.com [url=http://qlhyjusu.com]qlhyjusu[/url] [link=http://iebijip.com]iebijip[/link]
2013-12-05 05:47:21 3cnexs9IGk
These are awesome, both sets in fact I<a href="http://cgntoohs.com"> rlealy</a> hope there will be more Maybe a night sky, or high noon?Anyways, thanks for these awesome sky textures Really wish tehre was a Maya version of this Plug-in Oh well
2013-12-04 23:21:43 JZOhc8h6OhZ
I am particularly paaitrl to the second one from the top. It reminds me of moments after we'd had some banging summer storms along the US coast bordering the Gulf of Mexico clouds breaking up to reveal the previously veiled sunlight. To me, that one is the most realistic. Thanks for your hard work, time, and your generosity.
2013-12-04 06:39:57 o5GLfK85cK
Perfect! Those sky textures have come in handy so much. I never knew they were 3d rrnedes though. That could be my ignorance, but I thought they were images stuck together and touched-up. Maybe a tutorial on how to make clouds like these? I think it would be useful for other things such as smoke, dust and the likes.
2013-12-02 11:55:23 RXGeY6SosrMt