Zarahs och Catherines julsmasksnacks

Kreativiteten tog fart när Zarah Öberg steg in genom dörren. När fått prata av oss lite satte vi igång med skapandet.


ca 10 st

100 g kakaosmör
1 dl kokosolja
2 tsk vanijlpulver
en nypa havssalt
4 tsk raw kakaopulver
1 msk carobpulver
2 msk lucuma
3 msk kokossocker
2 msk honung
1/2 tsk kanel

Smält kakaosmöret i ett vattenbad. När kakaosmöret smält lägger du i kokosoljan och låter den smälta. Fyll formar med goda bär, t ex gojibär, incabär, torkad mango, mullbär och manukabär (eller det du har hemma) och häll över chokladsmeten. Låt stelna i kyl. Ät och njut :)

Nytt SamköpJust nu 15-17 november har vi Samköp på Superfoods. Klicka här för att läsa mer.

Catherine Hirota
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2014-02-10 23:57:48 O3sCSxH0iAj
Thanks Melissa! It's fun! No I haven't used them, but I have a project in mind. I kinda knew I<a href=""> waentd</a> these to stay there, so I was ok with the nails. Plus I have other ones I want to swap out, so I planned ahead on the disc hangers.
2013-12-05 15:58:01 wJrmpFcxNTbt
Mike, I sent out a link to your blog to a good number of plopee and students who've known you over the years mostly via Twitter. I hope that it hasn't caused you any trouble as I truly believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts. I know that a lot of plopee are sending you and Ginny lots of good vibes (to use an old word). Thanks for your recent updates today and let us know what you think of the movie you see soon. It's nice to learn that you're outlook is so good as is that of your docs.I've recently seen the Life of Pi and Lincoln. Both were excellent though my guess is that you've already taken them in weeks ago. Keep us posted.All my best,Diane [url=]kpumrio[/url] [link=]atltffmfill[/link]
2013-12-04 01:21:51 wBACok9mP7B
Mike, I had not heard the news until Helayne sent her email today. I guess we are real life finreds, not Facebook finreds! I'm glad she let us know about your blog. Well, as always, you and Ginny have Janice's and my very best wishes. From our experience with Ken Kaess, I know Sloan Kettering is the best place to be for treatment. Although you've proven it for years, this challenge doesn't really know how tough you are. Ginny too. I am continually amazed at your resilience and positive attitude.We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, Mike. Actually, I think of you everyday when I look at the planter you sent me when I was in the hospital two and a half years ago. It is still healthy and strong. I take good care of it because, to me, it is a symbol of my recovery and the fact that I'm still standing! i'll keep checking your blog, Mike. And I'll be in NYC in a few weeks for a meeting with Rick and the Leadership Council. If you're up for it, maybe we can get together.Bob
2013-12-02 12:50:29 w54daeT955uw
Å va ni är goa som delar med er! :)
2013-11-15 13:47:21 R-MJ